Working for free?

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Working for free?

How is the business side of your practice performing? Try this quiz to find out.

  • How often do you raise invoices?

A) Daily
B) Weekly
C) Monthly
D) When I get time

  • What system do you raise your invoices on?

A) A practice management system
B) Word
C) Excel
D) Any other method

  • Where do you store the sent invoices?

A) A practice management system
B) Word
C) Excel
D) Any other method

  • Can you send electronic invoices to the insurers?

A) Yes, to all the insurers that accept electronic invoices
B) Yes, to most of them
C) Yes, but only to one or two
D) No

  • How often do you check the fee schedule with each insurer?

A) Monthly
B) Quarterly
C) When I get the time
D) Never

  • How often do you check for changes to Clinical Coding & Schedule Development Group (CCSD) coding?

A) Monthly
B) Quarterly
C) When I get the time
D) Never

  • When you receive a payment from an insurer, when do you reconcile the payment?

A) That day
B) That week
C) That month
D) When I get time

  • How often will you chase an insurer if they have not paid an invoice?

A) That day
B) That week
C) That month
D) When I get time

  • How often do you chase self-pay patients for outstanding invoices?

A) That day
B) That week
C) That month
D) When I get time

  • How do you chase outstanding self-pay invoices?

A) Phone several times and send up to three chase letters
B) Phone once and send three chase letters
C) Phone several times’
D) Phone once


  • Go through your answers and mark yourself as follows:

A) 3 points
B) 2 points
C) 1 point
D) 0 points

IF your tally is:

You are a star biller and a shining example to the profession. You have everything under control.

20-29 POINTS
Very good, but there is some room for improvement. Focus on the areas where you scored badly to identify how to improve.

Very poor. I suggest a full review of your billing procedure straight away, as it is likely that you are both losing money and building debt.

Oh no! You are clearly working PRO BONO! It is likely that it is costing you to be in private practice. Seek help



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