• why-doctors-fail-to-get-top-billingWhy doctors fail to get top billing part 1

    Hundreds of consultants’ practices share common management problems when it comes to billing and collection. In the first of a two-part feature, Simon Brignall highlights some of the most worrying

  • why-doctors-fail-to-get-top-billingWhy doctors fail to get top billing part 2

    That’s the way the money goes… Simon Brignall presents the second part of his feature on how private consultants are losing money unnecessarily in the billing and collection process

  • too-many-hands-on-deck-can-spoil-your-catchToo many hands on deck can spoil your catch

    With the forming of group practices increasingly popular among independent practitioners,Simon Brignall (left) reflects on their billing issues which can lead to administrative chaos if not properly understood and effectively managed

  • boosting-cash-flowBoosting my cash flow

    Consultant cardiologist Dr Dinos Missouris describes how outsourcing helped him to ensure that his growing practice was in good financial health

  • a-helping-hand-just-fits-the-billA helping hand just fits the bill

    A good medical secretary is vital but, with the growing admin mountain in private practice, she may need outside help, argues Garry Chapman

  • are-billing-firms-worth-the-costAre billing firms worth the cost?

    Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone, an orthopaedic upper-limb surgeon working exclusively in private practice at London Bridge and The Lister Hospitals, describes how outsourcing helped to recover money he was owed from an unpaid bills problem and helped his business grow.

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