Are you in the dark about your billing?

Do you know:

  • If all relevant patient information is included on every invoice?
  • If the correct CCSD coding principles are followed for each Insurance company?
  • If your fees are being billed within each Insurance guideline structure?
  • If all invoices are sent within days of the work done?
  • If all invoices are being actively chased?
  • If you are tracking outstanding debts?

We’d like to help you find out the answers and demonstrate the business benefits we could deliver you through a Free Billing Audit*. During the audit, we’ll review a sample of your invoices, and at the end you’ll receive a free report giving you a “health check” of your current billing operations. Get in touch to find out more.

* The free billing audit is available to doctors billings over £100,000 per annum. POA for billings less than that. A Non Disclosure Agreement will be signed by both parties prior to the audit to recognise the confidential nature of the information..